These are common terms used by industry professionals and haunts alike. You'll find terms, products, services, company names and more.


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consumer-focused forms of agriculture, in which farms supplement (or replace) their traditional income from the sale of crops to wholesale markets by offering a variety of "entertainment farming" options.


Air Brush

A small air operated tool used to spray dye, paint or makeup onto an actor/actress's face or body


Air Cannon

A Device where compressed air contained in a pressure vessel is instantly released, and the achieved blast, called the impact force


Air Compressor

A machine that compresses or pressurizes air; for scuba purposes, air is compressed from the atmospheric level (1 ATA at sea level) to the capacity of the tank, usually between 200-300 Bar



Animated prop or robot used to distract or frighten.


Black Light Tube

A tube of fluorescent light that gives off a glow.


Bucky Lid

Skull or severed head that has the ability to have a rubber skin or mask slide off


Camo Netting

Foilage type netting used in haunts as walls, ceilings, or camouflage.



computer generated imagery



a group of professionals used to help organize, promote, renovate and construct a haunt



a loyal follower of the haunt podcast, Rotting Flesh Radio


Distortions Unlimited

A prop and set design company known for their incredible animatronics. They are located in Greeley, CO


E Ticketing

Process which customers print their own tickets


Feature Creatures

Feature Creatures is a haunted acting troupe based in Columbus, Ohio.


Fog Machine

a machine that uses fog juice to produce fog


Fog Maker

a machine that uses natural elements to create fog


Gore Galore

Company that specializes in haunt props, costumes and music. They are located in Cynthiana, IN



A term that is short for haunted house or haunted attraction. The haunted house, haunted trail, haunted hayride, haunted theme park all fall into this category.


Hauntrepreneurs International

the only broker specializing in selling previously owned Haunted Houses, Haunted Hay Rides, Haunted Trails, Dark Rides and Haunting Equipment for the Haunted Attraction Industry.



Haunted Attraction, National Tradeshow and Convention. This convention changes location every year and is ran by Leonard Pickel of Haunted Attraction Magazine, HauntCon, Hauntrepreneurs International and more


Haunted Hayride

A variation of the haunted trail using either a tractor, truck or cart that transports patrons into the woods.


Haunted House

The classic form of the haunt that takes place in a building or house.


HauntSearch Magazine

The only PDF magazine dedicated to haunted attractions and the industry behind it. This online magazine is designed by DarkWire Design.


Haunt Season

the months of September, October and early November when most haunts are in operation


HauntWorld Magazine

The world's number one haunt magazine created by Larry Kirchner of, Halloween Productions, The Darkness and more.


Haunted Attraction Magazine

National haunt magazine edited by Leonard Pickel and graphics done by Chad Savage of Sinister Visions.


Haunted Trail

A version of the haunt which takes place outside in the woods or on a path.


HauntTube is video and media sharing for the haunted attraction, horror, Halloween and other spooky industries! HauntTube is similar to YouTube except for the haunt industry.


Hell House

A haunt that teaches morals or lessons through extreme situations, scenes or rooms. Many of these haunts are ran by churches or organizations.



a wooden hut



A 7 foot tall actor operated costume that utilizes stilts from Screamline Studios. A stiltless costume is also available.



In the earth sciences, "humus" refers to any organic matter which has reached a point of stability, where it will break down no further and might, if conditions do not change, remain essentially as it is for centuries, or millennia.



The Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. IAAPA is the essential resource that helps amusement and attractions professionals achieve business success.


International Association of Haunted Attractions. The International Association of Haunted Attractions was established in 1998 to assist and advance the haunted attraction and entertainment industry through communication, education, and information.


Infrared Camera

camera used to capture things in the complete dark



Annual Halloween festival in Tell City, Indiana that usually takes place in June.



 light emitting diode



a uniquely designed shape designed to disorient or confuse with a fixed exit towards the end of your chosen paths. A maze can be constructed of corn, wood or even be placed in complete darkness.


Midwest Haunters Convention

Annual convention in Columbus, OH that focuses more on social events and seminars. This convention is ran by Kelly and Nena Collins, Barry  and other talented individuals.


Miss Midwest Scary Pageant

A contest at the Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus, OH to determine the title of Miss Midwest.


Moving Portrait

a framed picture, which changes as you walk past it.


Night Vision

Cameras that produce images in video or complete darkness


Peppers Ghost Effect

Effect that creates the illusion of a ghost or person transforming. A projector, glass wall and light dim may be used. This effect is hundreds of years old, but was first popularized in Disney's Haunted Mansion.


Pneumatic Device

Various tools and instruments that generate and utilize compressed air.



a static object used as part of a scene or room. An actor may also use it as a weapon or object.



an artificial replacement often made of latex, foam or other materials. It can be used for masks, wounds and attachments used for actors in many haunts.



correctional institution for the detention and discipline of first time prisoners.


Rogues Hollow

Web design company located in Kenton, OH. Some of their notable sites are,, Scare Factory and much more.


Rotting Flesh Radio

The haunt industry's first and only podcast. 



a pagan holiday that is celebrated on October 31. It marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter



a medical facility for long-term illness, typically tuberculosis


Scare Factory

A prop and animatronic company located in Columbus, OH. They are one of the most trusted companies in the business.


ScreamLine Studios

Prop company located in Columbus, OH. They are well known for their Horrificus Stilt costume. 


Scream Pass

the leading internet ticketing & marketing solution and only one specifically designed for the Haunted Attraction and Halloween industries


Sinister Scents

scents used in haunts to mimic the sense of smell in different things. These scents were created by the creators of Dream Reapers Haunted House in Melrose Park, IL.


Sinister Visions

A web design company that offers services to the haunt and horror industry. It's designer is the horror art and web design genius Chad Savage.


SPFX Masks

The original silicone mask that becomes your face 


Tesla Coil

A Tesla coil (also teslacoil) is a type of resonant transformer, named after its inventor, Nikola Tesla. Tesla coils consist of two, or sometimes three, coupled resonant electric circuits.


Theatrical Contact Lenses

similar to regular contacts, except with color variations and



Theme Park Haunt

3 or more haunts grouped together in a single location


Transworld Halloween and Haunt Show

annual haunt and Halloween trade show in Las Vegas


Unit 70 Studios

Prop and animatronic company located in Columbus, OH ran by Bo Buns and Brady K. Amour.


Vortex Tunnel (AKA Black Hole)

a prop/animatronic used to simulate a moving vortex